What is ERP?


Enterprise Resource Planning




ERP is an industry acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning. Broadly speaking, ERP refers to automation and integration of a company’s core business in order to do this ERP systems need to be more sophisticated and have a complete understanding of all the aspects required to drive those business processes.


  • ERP software provides intelligent information for making better business decisions.
  • Uses intelligent information for automating business processes.
  • Passes information from one process to another and back again, ultimately integrating your whole business.


To do this it needs to have all the correct inputs to make the best decisions. Without all the correct inputs and flow of information, this is not possible. If there is a missing input or gap in the information flow, the system can never provide you with the right results. That’s why an ERP system needs to be comprehensive and fully integrated. As an example, think of all the inputs required to reordering stock, e.g. stock levels, customer backorders, job production needs, trading pattern, expected growth/downturn, manufacturing capacity, existing supplier orders etc. If one or more of these inputs is not available, and its part of your business process, then you’re never going to get the right result. On the other hand, if a system has all these inputs, then it can help to automate stock reordering by raising a purchase requisition/order for you.



Example of ERP Purchase Requisitions Module Links



An essential part of good ERP software, and one of the most difficult aspects, is to balance its innate comprehensive nature with flexibility and ease of use. Every business is different, has different process, different ways of operating and at different stages of growth and development.  For this reason, good ERP software such as Triumph provides end users with a clear, clean, easy to use interface. Free from unnecessary complications and functionality that’s not required for current operations. It does this by having options that can hide non-required functionality, and other options to match exiting work flows.


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