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Triumph ERP Software is the most capable and affordable entry-level Retail software package on the market today


Accounting systems for retail operations nowadays are far more than just point of sale systems. An integrated retail accounting software system such as Triumph ERP software provides a suite of tools designed to make total retail operations more efficient, easier to manage, and more profitable.



  • Make stocktake a breeze with the latest mobile scanning technology
  • Allow your sales staff to go mobile with the latest technology and devices
  • Fewer losses from shortages of fast turning stock, or too much slow turning stock


Examples of Retail Manager in use

  • Real-time inventory management via integrated sales and accounting
  • Informed analysis every day about rates, margins, targets and stock churn
  • Automation of tasks such as inventory updates and product lists
  • Daily performance reports on stock items, suppliers, sales departments and personnel
  • Pre-set automatic re-ordering levels for inventory management


Retail Manager Features

  • Allow salespeople in the field to check stock, customer accounts and create orders, all on a handy mobile device
  • Take advantage of fully customisable screens, reports and dockets
  • Easily manage laybys, orders (including partial supply), quotes, gift vouchers and receipts
  • Create purchase orders from customer back orders
  • Custom fields for recording profile information allowing targeted marketing
  • Designed to link multiple stores with the ability to reserve and transfer stock between stores
  • Detail top selling items by flexible time periods
  • High level of security with features such as supervisor overrides, limited function access and hidden costs
  • Extensive back office integration to inventory catalogue and special pricing, customer/debtor accounts, job/event costing, sales and purchase ordering
  • A fully integrated solution that can help your ordering efficiency and worker productivity
  • Increase efficiency by eliminating data entry with paperless ordering
  • Ship orders in hours instead of days and accelerate cash flow and increase inventory turns



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