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Mobile scanning can streamline workflows, improve data accuracy, and speed physical inventory and cycle counts, among other benefits.


Technology advances at lightning speed these days and mobile technology is becoming a huge new trend in the business sector. Many businesses have discovered the advantage of mobile scanners and the real positive effects it can have on their business and their bottom line. Modern technology such as mobile phones, tablets, mobile scanners, and the software applications that can be run on these devices, are revolutionising the way businesses operate around the world. The benefits of mobile scanners speak for themselves, and can make your business more efficient, more accurate, you can reduce costs, and even reduce your business’ carbon footprint.


Australian Triumph ERP software as a fully integrated solution will help you improve warehouse efficiency and worker productivity through the use of use of modern technology such as mobile phones, tablets, and mobile scanners. Triumph ERP software, offers businesses a wide-range of tools and functionality that’s integrated into a single ERP software solution designed to work the way your company does.


There are several ways you can take advantage of mobile technology in your business with Triumph.


Paperless Picking


Paperless Picking allows handheld mobile scanning computers to guide the picker through the warehouse, showing them what to pick. This in turn makes pickers more efficient and more accurate, which is very important if dealing with high value goods. Orders can be split into multiple picking slips by department, such as frozen and dry goods, and prioritised based on customer. Pickers can be split into different customer groups, e.g. country or metro.


A management dashboard provides full control over order priorities and who is picking what, as well as an overview of workload and performance.


Utilising mobile technology can also improve the accuracy of picking orders. Triumph’s Paperless Picking module displays products on the screen with their bin location, code, description and picture, to ensure staff pick the correct item. There are also options to force a barcode to be scanned before it can be picked, thus eliminating 99% of picking errors.


Stocktake Scanning


Stocktake Scanning is designed to make your store/warehouse more efficient and accurate. Using mobile scanners that record everything on the spot, clumsy paperwork is a thing of the past. Mobile scanning can simplify complex supply chain requirements, improve bottom lines and increase productivity.


There are several cost-saving incentives for introducing mobile technology to your warehouse. Mobile scanning technology enables you to automate data collection, reduce warehouse errors, and capitalise on improved picking and labour efficiencies.

Stocktake Scanning can dramatically reduce errors meaning your investment pays for itself several times over.


Stock Requisitions


By using mobile apps to improve picking accuracy and speed, you can increase customer satisfaction, as they are more likely to receive the correct order and get it faster Use the same mobile scanning technology for stocktakes to requisition goods out of a storeroom.




Mobile Sales & Ordering


Gone are the days when point of sale technology revolved around the simple cash register. Today, Point of Sale is now a tool for wholesalers, manufactures as well as retailers.


The touch screen technology lends itself perfectly for working off mobile tablets. This allows mobile sales people who are in the field to check stock, check accounts, create orders and immediately submit them for processing in a warehouse, on a mobile device.


Mobile Point of Sale also allows sales people to move around the shop, or the warehouse to create orders in real time with the added benefit of being fully integrated with Triumph back of house software.


The mobile sales technology will quickly highlight improvements in productivity and improvements with customer service due to faster delivery of goods. Triumph mobile Point of Sale offers functionality which is second-to-none with the ability to operate remotely on iPad®, and Windows® or Android® tablets.



  • A fully integrated solution that can help your ordering efficiency and worker productivity
  • Never write another order by hand
  • Ship orders faster than ever.
  • Eliminate data entry with paperless order writing
  • Ship orders in hours instead of days
  • Accelerate cash flow and increase inventory turns
  • Eliminate printing costs
  • Impress your clients with our stunning looking POS application for iPad


B2B e-Commerce


The internet offers today’s companies remarkable flexibility when it comes to communicating with customers and business partners. Triumph allows you to use your company database as the engine room of your business with exciting new technology that makes vital information directly accessible by your clients.


Triumph’s B2B e-Commerce module uses the latest technologies to allow your customers to securely transact business with you through a web browser over the internet. It enables your customers to place orders, do their own quotes, look at the status of pending orders, inquire on stock availability, inquire and print details on their accounts, and even reprint their own invoices.


And because this is done directly against the company database, it is accurate, instantaneous and links with other Triumph modules, with no duplication or re-keying of information.


The result is one of the best fully integrated cutting edge web applications on the market, incorporating:

  • Individual logins with different security levels
  • Easy searching of products by Category, Group and Brand
  • Multiple images per item on the product enquiry with image zoom
  • Multiple documents per product, e.g. specifications, handling instructions etc.
  • ‘Specials’ landing page, with additional product highlighting, e.g. New or Clearance
  • Create favourites and template shopping carts
  • Customised pricing for individual customers
  • Product pages can be displayed in Large Image format, List with thumbnails or Plain list
  • Progress enquiry of orders placed, reviewed, picked, delivered and invoiced


View our Triumph B2B e-Commerce brochure here.



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