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Know precisely what every component of every job, product or service contributes to your bottom line with Triumph ERP Software


The Triumph ERP Job Costing Manager puts detailed breakdowns of cost information at your fingertips. It is equally effective in organisations from service businesses to multi-divisional corporations. You can integrate it with other modules, or use it as a stand-alone module in single or multi-user formats.



  • Greater ability to manage and compare costs across your business
  • More efficient allocation of resources to where they are needed most
  • Improved procurement due to better understanding of material costs


Examples of Job Costing Manager in Use

  • Management of time-based fees for service businesses
  • Detailed costing of individual components in a finished product
  • Internal cost analysis of departments, divisions or task groups
  • Flexible charge-out rates for multiple cost centres within one job
  • Comparisons of actual and budget costs for work in progress


Job Costing Manager Features

The Triumph Job Costing Manager has features that cater for any costing or pricing system in any manufacturing, sub-contracting or service delivery environment.

  • Flexible setup to fit the way your business operates
  • Seamless integration with Inventory, Bill of Materials, Creditors, Purchasing, Purchase Requisitions, Point of Sale, Debtors and General Ledger
  • Ability to define a hierarchy of cost centres within jobs, jobs within parent jobs, and job groupings at top level
  • Job Quoting creates jobs, budgets, purchase orders/requisitions and inventory requirement lists
  • Use the Time Clock module in workshop environments for fast and accurate time recording, and use the labour times to generate your payroll
  • Job worksheets, customer quotes, supplier requests for quotes, and customer invoices
  • Full Work in Progress (WIP) recording and reporting, allocated down to transaction level
  • Capture of expenses for labour, materials, subcontractors, purchases and overheads
  • Optional warnings in job budgets when expenditure is too high
  • Optionally record income in advance
  • Set “cost plus” margin rules on each job centre or cost centre
  • View comprehensive statistics on the job including WIP and purchase commitments
  • Jobs can run across financial years, or even as a perpetual job like a client
  • Jobs for internal purposes may be created and managed in a similar way
  • Wide range of reports e.g. Costing Comparison Reports, Work in Progress Reports, Invoice Worksheet Reports.


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