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Inventory Distribution



Powerful inventory management in the one integrated ERP software system


Triumph ERP software has all the tools you need to completely manage your company’s inventory and warehouse operations. Let Triumph do the heavy lifting for you with the latest mobile scanning technology, full integration with Procurement and Sales, and much more.



  • Make stocktake a breeze with the latest mobile scanning technology
  • Increase efficiency, accuracy and control with a fully-integrated system
  • Make better business decisions with real-time inventory information


Examples of Inventory Manager in Use

  • Whether you are a retailer, wholesaler or manufacturer, always have full control over your stock
  • Sell or manufacture stock from multiple locations or stores
  • Manage stock on behalf of a third party supplier or manufacturer
  • Transfer stock between multiple locations within your organisation


Job Costing Manager Features

  • Increase efficiency, accuracy and control and allow your warehouse to go paperless with handheld mobile scanners
  • Have full control over warehouse staff order allocation and see an overview of workload and performance through a sleek management dashboard
  • Split orders into multiple picking slips by department and prioritise orders based on the customer
  • Use mobile scanners to requisition goods out of a storeroom and onto a job or as a GL expense
  • Easily manage your stock at multiple locations, transfer stock between locations and set different quantities, costs and prices
  • Get full control of stock managed on behalf of a third party supplier or manufacturer
  • Give your customers what they want: instantaneous information on products, prices and availability


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