Web Requisitions


Streamline purchasing via the web with Triumph ERP Web Requisitions


Triumph’s Web Requisitions software module allows internal and external contacts anywhere, any time to create purchase requests via a web browser. These requests can then be reviewed and authorised from a central location, thus keeping total control over the procurement cycle.


Perfect for job-related purchases, Web Requisitions can also be used for stock and general expenses, as well as for disbursement lines where external costs such as freight and insurance can be captured and apportioned.


Once a request is raised it can be submitted to head office for approval. An authorised person then needs to electronically approve the purchase request, which converts it to a real purchase order and optionally emails it to the suppliers. From there, goods are receipted and invoices are applied to purchase orders in the normal way.


One powerful feature of Web Requisitions is that it allows an existing purchase order to be completely revised and re-submitted for approval. New lines can be inserted or appended, existing lines can be changed or even deleted, as long as they have not been receipted.


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