Stock Transfers


Triumph ERP’s Stock Transfer module allows companies with multiple holdings of stock at different physical locations, to simply and easily transfer that stock when and where it’s needed.


Stock transfers can be between two stores or between a warehouse and a store.


Stock Transfer Requests can come from Inventory Reorder Reports, Sales Orders, Point of Sale Orders, and manual Stock Transfers. Example; you’re creating a point of sales order for a customer for furniture you don’t have on the floor. From the enquiry, you can see the warehouse has plenty in stock. All you need to do is tell the system that you want the stock transferred from the warehouse. You can even request that the warehouse deliver direct to the customer.




Easily automate the transfer of stock between different locations.


When goods are shipped from the warehouse they can be transferred automatically to the store or the store can have their own stock receipt confirmation process.




For each store or warehouse see what’s coming in, what’s going out and what’s in transit.

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