Special Pricing


Special discount prices you’ve negotiated with your best customers and even time-based promotions are easy to calculate and record with Triumph ERP.


Negotiating special prices on selected lines for regular customers and buying groups is the way most successful businesses operate in today’s competitive market. From time to time, special short-term promotions may also be set-up. Triumph’s Special Pricing module can put them all at your fingertips, no matter how many different clients and special prices you have.


To supplement the six levels of pricing in the Triumph Inventory module, you can factor in an unlimited number of pricing combinations. You can create special prices for one customer, all customers or a group of customers. The special price may be a percentage discount off the normal price, an alternative price list price, a completely new price, a cost-plus price or a quantity break price. And the prices can relate to one stock item, all stock items, a group or category of stock items or a manufacturer.


Time-based promotions are easy to set-up, and can last for a day, a week, a month or indefinitely. The normal customer discount can be controlled on each special price, and based on either the special price or the normal stock price.


Triumph’s Special Pricing module seamlessly integrates with Inventory, Debtors, Sales Order Entry and Point Of Sale modules.

Negotiated prices and time-based promotions are easily set-up.

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