Sales Order Entry


When the key to exemplary customer service is to fulfil orders quickly, Triumph ERP’s Sales Order Entry system is the easy way.


The Triumph Sales Order Entry process is a simple way to manage the fulfilment of orders and delivery of goods. You can produce a complete range of documentation-including picking slips, delivery dockets and invoices. Picked orders can be optionally confirmed, with the ability to substitute, add and remove items as required. Quotations and standing orders can be prepared and recorded and, when accepted, they can be simply converted to orders. Delivery dockets can be produced in order of delivery round or drop for logistics control, and can include a manifest if it is required.


Through an “automatic purchase creation facility” integrated with Triumph’s Purchase Ordering module, you have complete control over your back-orders. Of course, full integration with Triumph’s Debtors and Inventory modules ensures prompt processing when stock is to hand or circumstances permit delivery.


A very handy and unique feature is Triumph’s “exception processing”, allowing you to fast-track the order process without losing the audit trail. Flexible invoicing enables you to include stock items, non stock items, service and miscellaneous charges, and as many lines of description as you find necessary. Invoices may be edited by authorised operators prior to printing and posting.


Processing orders to invoices is simple and easy.

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