Point of Sale




Better back-office accounting with Triumph ERP Point of Sale Retail Software


Accounting systems for retail operations nowadays are far more than just point of sale systems. A business integrated retail accounting software system such as Triumph ERP provides a suite of tools designed to make total retail operations more efficient, easier to manage, and more profitable.


You may have an efficient POS system but do you find you are struggling with the volume of invoices that go through your back-office systems, as well as problems with the ability to process simple reports? Most Accounting Systems only cater for monthly reports, with limited functionality to produce customisable information. Triumph POS offers the availability of weekly profit and loss reports. Before using Triumph, this would have meant manual complex spreadsheets to get this information. Triumph has many exciting new features, ready for you to discover.


Triumph POS can run on premise or on a virtual server in the cloud. You can now have your sales people out on the road, in the back warehouse, or out from behind the desk and on the selling floor serving customers, while being able to take orders and place sales using an iPad, Android or Windows tablet.


Ease of Use Triumph Point of Sale


With increased capabilities in integrated retail accounting software systems, there is a need to make sure that the software is still easy to use. In Triumph you will find easy to set up wizards, help screens, and simplified touch-screen interfaces making sure that increased functionality doesn’t lose its impact by becoming overwhelming. Whist still providing comprehensive integrated back of house management reporting and accounting that is critical to the success of businesses and their ability to be more efficient and profitable.


Easy to learn and fast to operate

  • Fully customisable screens, reports and dockets
  • Manage laybys, orders (including partial supply), quotes, gift vouchers and receipts
  • Create purchase orders from customer back orders
  • Custom fields for recording profile information allowing targeted marketing
  • Designed to link multiple stores
  • Reserve and transfer stock between stores
  • Detail top selling items by flexible time periods
  • Identify items sold by location and personnel
  • Unlimited PLU buttons and levels
  • High level of security with:
  • Supervisor overrides
  • Limited function access
  • Hidden costs
  • Real time immediate postings
  • Extensive back office integration to:
  • Inventory catalogue and special pricing
  • Customer/debtor accounts
  • Job/event costing
  • Sales and Purchase Ordering
  • Scalable from 1 to 100 simultaneous users
  • Office or Cloud implementations
  • Optional add-on for Web shop integration


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