Multi Division


Operating multiple company divisions or branches and reporting a consolidated position couldn’t be easier with Triumph ERP’s Multi Division module.


Each division can have its own chart of accounts or charts can be synchronised, and from a security perspective reporting and access can be locked down to a single division. Transactions posted between divisions automatically generate an inter-division entry into individual loan accounts, thus always ensuring accurate accounts that balance within each division.


Accounts such as debtors, creditors, jobs, assets and bank accounts can be tied to a division or nominated as corporate accounts. Corporate bank accounts would be reconciled by head office with deposits made by each division. Inventory is held at the division level, with the additional Stock Transfer Module providing full control over internal orders and stock movements.


Based on the ABN for each division, Business Activity Statements can be produced for a single division or a group of divisions. It couldn’t be easier.

“The successful expansion of our business was made possible by the control Triumph’s Multi Division facility provides.” Eddie Retamal – Owner, Clutch & Brake Australia (Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane).


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