Manufacturer Catalogue


The easy way to work with tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of different manufacturer catalogue parts is with Triumph ERP.


  • Store hundreds of thousands of parts without clogging up your day to day inventory
  • Automatically create parts on the fly from the catalogue
  • Just key in the catalogue part number at the sales or purchasing screen
  • The inventory part will be created based on a template item
  • Provides optional warnings to keep you in control
  • Inventory items automatically created from the catalogue will drop off when no longer required
  • Handles the same part number from different manufacturers
  • Offering a selection of manufacturers when this happens
  • Flexible mapping of catalogue prices to inventory prices
  • As the catalogue is updated so too are the prices on existing stock items
  • Search and work with manufacturer part number or your own unique part number
  • Filter by manufacturer, with unlimited number of manufacturers
  • Superseded parts chain is handled in the catalogue




Update and add new catalogues by means of a simple import process – fast and easy.

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