Job Quoting


Triumph ERP’s Job Quoting module is the easy way to quote for work, transform the quote into a job, and keep track of all material, labour and sub-contractor costs and charges.


This module allows detailed quotes to be prepared from an existing recipe or template, or from scratch as a unique quote. These quotes are designed to work in with the Job Costing module and allow you to itemise all the internal and external materials, internal and external labour, and any overheads that are required to complete the job.


Job Quoting works together with the Job Costing module. jq-diagram


When the quote has been accepted by the customer it is converted to a real job against which all the actual expenses are recorded. As the quote is converted any material or labour that must be sourced from suppliers is automatically purchased via the Purchase Requestions module, and any internal materials are reserved for the job. This not only saves hours of work it is also very accurate and timely.


tc-entry Once calculated the total or margin for the quote can always be changed.

A special Job Requisition entry screen enables internal stocked items, allocated to the quote and reserved for the job, to be easily requisitioned to the job. At any time you can drill down on a stock item and enquire on what quantities are still required by which jobs.


Printed forms from this module include a Customer Quote, Request for Supplier Quotation, Production Report and Job Worksheet.


Once the quoted job is completed it can be billed as per the quote, or it can reflect the actual work on the job. In either case comparisons are then available to look at the profitability of your jobs and to compare where any variances may lie between your quote and actual work.

To down load our PDF copy of Job Costing/Quoting. Click Here.


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