Job Mobile




Triumph ERP’s Job Mobile Module is the quickest and easiest way of recording, reporting, and tracking all expenses and activities for a job. Record time, inventory materials, material purchases, and overhead expenses from the convenience of a mobile phone.


The Job Mobile Module allows multiple jobs to start at the same time, with the option of recording time and materials against internal administration jobs. GEO location is also automatically recorded against all work entered.




  • Use voice-to-text to easily enter the work description
  • Job times can be reviewed by a supervisor prior to posting
  • Capture signatures on the go
  • Take a picture of any purchase receipt/ invoice and submit with the transaction
  • Draw stock from, and control stock in, a mobile van
  • Get directions, and see a map, for the job location
  • See extended job details and tap the phone number to call
  • Email customer service reports based on the work performed



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