Job Costing


Triumph ERP’s Costing module for jobs, services or departmental functions is the easy way to know exactly what your bottom line is.


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The Triumph Costing module provides you with accurate cost information at your fingertips. You are more able to control costs recorded against jobs and service functions within your business.


Service businesses, where income is derived from time-based fees, find Triumph’s Costing module an invaluable tool to estimate, charge-out and bill time and material costs raised by a particular job or client.



Triumph’s Costing module provides up to the minute information on units and amounts
charged to a job.


An organisation which manufactures unique items can assess the exact costs of all the various components used in producing a particular product. The ability to detail employee time and component costs helps improve productivity and procurement.


In large and multi-departmental organisations Triumph’s Costing module can be used to provide internal cost analysis of departments, divisions and task groups. Management’s assessment of the contribution that various cost centres make to profitability will be accurate. They will be better placed to allocate resources where and when they are most needed.



Jobs may be optionally broken down into cost centres on which flexible charge out rates can be applied.


A comparison of estimates with actual costs for budgeting and future quotation purposes is included in the reports generated with Triumph Accounting’s Costing module. Other reports can include transactions recorded against a job or cost centre, invoicing, and the utilisation of overheads and employees.


Triumph’s Costing module integrates with other Triumph modules, including Purchase Ordering, Inventory and Bill of Materials, it can be used as a stand-alone module in single or multi-user formats. And with equal success in small and large organisations.

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