Powerful connections make Triumph ERP’s Inventory module the easy way to manage your investment in stock


Triumph gives you total control over GST, costing methods, pricing, discount rates and Wine Equalisation Tax (WET). For retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers, you can determine up to six different levels of pricing, manage your discount structures by customer and product groups; and make price amendments and updates at any stage of your operations.

Triumph’s Inventory module includes automatic re-ordering either by economic order quantities or maximum re-order levels, detailed notes on individual stock items and listings of alternate suppliers. Digital images of each stock item may be maintained on the system and displayed during invoice entry operations.


Multi-Location Stock allows you to keep track of stock holdings and costs at different warehouse and logistic points. Your reporting can include automatic conversions of stock-order quantities to sales; stock items status and valuations; stock movement; and price lists.



Stock Item Enquiry gives you a complete snap shot at a glance.

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