General Ledger


A system which reports your total financial position accurately is Triumph ERP’s General Ledger module; the easy way to analyse your organisation’s financial performance.


With Triumph’s General Ledger, you design your chart of accounts according to your organisational structure. It’s a breeze to set-up and modify and is all done on-screen without the need for unduly complicated account codes.

If your organisation is multi-divisional, your chart of accounts can easily be duplicated and, if necessary, modified for each division. Transaction across divisions are automatically self balancing into inter-divisional loan accounts, plus Triumph’s General Ledger reports allow you to nominate report periods, the range of accounts, level of detail and type of rounding.

With multi-division organisations, you can produce consolidated reports or report on a single division.

Triumph’s General Ledger is designed to fully and immediately integrate with other Triumph modules, resulting in automatic postings and completely up-to-date balances. With its simple on-screen inquiry function, you can search easily for details of any transactions, viewing both sides of the journal entry.

Immediate on-line postings allow you to get an accurate up to the minute balance on any account.


The ability to define as many as 18 financial periods and the capacity to post entries to earlier periods while working in a later one, gives great flexibility. Automatic accrual reversals and built-in defaults result in faster processing. Plus budget forecasting-to-actual comparisons, and the ability to transfer reports to spreadsheets for additional analysis, adds further dimensions to the Triumph General Ledger


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