Bill of Materials


Triumph ERP’s Bill of Materials module is the easy way to integrate the management and control of assembling and disassembling of stock components into more complex items or finished goods.


The Bill of Materials module is dependent on and fully integrated with the Inventory module to allow you to keep control over components for manufacturing. With Triumph’s Bill of Materials, a single Bill can have any number of components, which may be a stock item, another Bill of Materials, or a labour component.


The cost of the Bill is dynamically calculated whenever an assemble or disassemble function, or an inquiry is carried out. A Bill of Material is easy to define, enter and maintain and any number of different items may be simultaneously assembled or disassembled. Whenever a Bill of Materials is requisitioned to a job, the system can optionally break down the Bill into each component as it is requisitioned to the job. All entries are automatically reflected in the Inventory module and a transaction audit report can be produced showing all assemblies and disassembles for the period.




A Bill may have any number of components.

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