Bank Reconciliation


Know exactly what your cash position is at any given moment – in a fraction of the time it normally takes – with Triumph ERP’s Bank Reconciliation module.


With the Bank Reconciliation module, all banking functions are centrally controlled so you can do a bank reconciliation in minutes instead of hours.

It automatically calculates your exact cash position at any given time so you know precisely how much cash you have to run your business and invest.

The Triumph Bank Reconciliation module is dependent on the General Ledger and integrates with the Debtors, Point of Sale and Creditors modules. You can reconcile any number of bank accounts, including transaction and credit card accounts. In a multi-divisional organisation, you can operate a corporate bank account and have each division effecting their own deposits. Direct transfers, direct debits and credits are easily entered. And if your reconciliation doesn’t balance, the inquiry screen and reports will help you find your error in double-quick time.

Triumph also offers even greater efficiency with an Automatic Bank Reconciliation option. With the advent of on-line and internet banking, information can be automatically entered and matched against your records.

Immediate on-line postings allow you to get an accurate up to the minute balance on any account.


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