Advanced Sales Orders


Triumph ERP’s Advanced Sales Orders is a combination of advanced features in Sales Order Entry, which you may or may not take advantage of:


Direct Debits; when a batch of orders is processed and invoiced, the system will create a direct debit banking file that can be electronically sent to the bank for processing. When you combine this with Standing Orders, it becomes a very efficient way to process regular orders and invoices and get paid immediately. Think of a service provider in the care industry dealing with elderly people, as long as the direct debit authority has been agreed to, this will make it easier and more streamlined for all parties.


Order Deposits; the ability to record deposit amounts on orders is a real benefit for customers who operate like this. With external web based orders usually requiring a deposit, normally 100%, this type of operation is happening more and more. By tying the order and the deposit up together, they can be handled as a single transaction. Also, when the invoice is generated matching the invoice to the payment, i.e. the order deposit, this happens automatically instead of having to be a manual process at a later stage.


Paperless Picking; allows handheld mobile scanning computers to guide the picker through the warehouse, showing them what to pick. This in turn makes pickers more efficient and more accurate, which is very important if dealing with higher value goods. Orders can be split into multiple picking slips by department, e.g. frozen and dry goods, and prioritised based on customer. Pickers can be split into different customer groups, e.g. country or metro. A management dashboard provides full control over order priorities and who is picking what, as well as an overview of workload and performance. Note that Paperless Picking requires  suitable scanning device, e.g. Intermec CN51 with wireless or cellular connections recommended, and a Triumph login/user for each device. It also requires the mobile communications software, which is $500 ex per five scanners.


Kitting; the ability to change or modify individual components of a finished product to suit the customers’ needs. Kitting is suited towards companies that sell products that are packaged or group together, creating kits. Within the Bills of Materials module, these individual components come together like a recipe forming the single product. Previously, the individual components of the kit were fixed. Now, if a customer wants to change or modify the order, the Advanced Sale Order module can complete the task. The kitting functionality will drill into the recipe on the sales order line, modify it as requested, change the price and quantity, and reflect it on the invoice. This modified kit will then belong to the individual customer on a specific customer line. This functionality works best for businesses that would like the ability to change orders on the fly. Note that the Bill of Materials module is needed for the kitting functionality.


Advanced Picking; allows you to split stock items on picking slips into specific, allocated picking areas. Within a warehouse, there may be multiple picking areas, so when the order is placed, it will be printed in the required location. For example, a pet store has two picking areas within their warehouse – dry goods and freezer. The person who picks for the dry goods is different to the person who picks for the freezer. Therefore, to make the process more efficient, the order is split by area and printed accordingly. To further classify or segregate customers, the picking slips can be split by delivery zone or priority. In large warehouses, metro, regional and country deliveries may have different trucks or couriers. By splitting the picking slips by delivery zones, the pickers know exactly which truck stock needs to be packed onto, speeding up the picking process. Having the option of ranking orders based on priority gives your picking process efficiency and control. The advanced picking functionality is available for all businesses, whether they use paper or mobile technology. For businesses that use mobile technology, advanced picking works directly with the Paperless Pickings Module and the handheld scanners. The picking slips are sent to the handheld scanners in the allocated picking areas for the pickers to access.



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