Advanced Purchasing


Triumph ERP software enables you to create a secure electronic payments file to be sent to your backend for efficient processing.


  • Use Incoterms on Purchase Orders
  • Scanned receipted goods and match to multiple purchase orders
  • Scan out shipper barcodes or inner barcodes
  • Handles exceptions, e.g. over supply
  • Work orders are a new type of purchase order
  • They have their own document
  • Orders may be classified as Unapproved
  • Automated Landed Costs
  • No operator intervention
  • Markup stock as it is received into the Inventory
  • Based on quantity, volume, area or weight
  • Each stock item can have a different set of markups
  • Raise internal requisitions
  • Hold or submit requests when ready
  • Send requests for supplier quotations
  • Independently convert to one or more purchase orders
  • User defined columns flow from Purchase Requisition to Purchase Order
  • Extended descriptions on purchase request and purchase order lines
  • Up to 512 characters

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