Cloud or On Premise


Your Triumph ERP solution, your choice




When moving to an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, one of the most critical factors in your decision will be whether you choose a Cloud or On-Premise software package. Triumph offers you the flexibility of both solutions with the same integrated tools and functionality, no matter which option you choose.



For unmatched business productivity, you can’t beat the cloud. Hundreds of organisations like yours are already using Triumph ERP Cloud software to increase efficiency and flexibility, respond to change more effectively, and slash IT costs. Whether your goal is to optimise your operations, employ leading edge business tools, or maximise your operational efficiency, Triumph ERP Cloud can get you there. Triumph ERP Cloud gives you the flexibility to manage and grow your business using fewer internal resources and without the installation and hardware investments associated with traditional software packages.


A Secure Cloud Solution

  • Triumph ERP Cloud is only offered via the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Sydney Data Centre, and has been hosted there since they first opened in 2012
  • Triumph ERP Cloud clients have never lost any data from AWS Sydney Data Centre
  • Each client gets their own dedicated cloud server


Benefits of Triumph ERP Cloud include:

  • Easy access from anywhere, anytime
  • Affordable monthly payments with a minimum 12-month subscription
  • All maintenance fees, backups, and software updates are included
  • Reduce IT costs with no need for your own complicated network or infrastructure
  • Increase the sharing of information and collaboration with digital workplaces
  • Extremely high availability; our system has not had an unplanned outage in the last 3 years
  • The ease of access allows us to support you better
  • Removes IT barriers to growth and expansion
  • Keeps your business agile and cost effective
  • Offers you peace of mind with complete security

100% tax deduction. Because the cloud is ‘Pay as you go’ you get a 100% tax deduction on the cost of your cloud services, which also has a very positive impact on cash flow compared to depreciation.



If you want to keep total control over your company data and security, then Triumph ERP On-Premise is the software solution for you. Triumph ERP can be installed locally, on your own computers and servers, giving you total control. With the same level of functionality as Triumph ERP Cloud, you can have peace of mind while still having access to all of Triumph’s powerful features. Triumph ERP has a very light footprint so it will work fine on relatively modest hardware configurations. For detailed information about the system and hardware requirements to run Triumph ERP, see our FAQ page or contact us directly to further discuss your future needs.


Benefits of Triumph ERP On-Premise:

  • More control over your data with everything installed locally on your own computers and servers
  • Better peace of mind; no need to trust someone else with your data
  • No monthly bills, just a one-time payment for the licence and you own the software*
  • You decide when to install software updates

*Does not include ongoing maintenance fees.


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