Online Credit Card Payments & Credit Card Fees

Online Credit Card Payments

We now offer the ability to process credit card payments in Triumph without using an EFTPOS reader. This is extremely handy when taking orders over the phone, or a customer is paying their account over the phone by credit card. This same technology is used in both the main Triumph program, as well as in eCommerce, where customers can also pay their accounts online.

To be able to accept online payments, your system will require a suitable online merchant account with an acquiring bank. We support merchant facilities based on MIGS (Mastercard Internet Gateway Services), MPGS (Mastercard Payment Gateway Services) and PayWay by Westpac. Most major banks in Australia work with one of these three services. The advantage of this is, rather than using a 3rd party payment gateway provider, you deal directly with the bank, thus reducing the cost of payment processing.

For further information on the set-up process, contact your local Triumph dealer.

Credit Card Fees

Charging credit card fees is much more granular now. In Credit Card Maintenance, you can decide if you want to charge fees on sales transactions or account payments. This can be found in the eCommerce module.