New version of Triumph ERP Software will be available in 2017

We are excited to announce that the highly anticipated Triumph 6.1 will be released on the 5th of December 2017. From this date, you will have the opportunity to upgrade your old system and experience all the latest features that the team at Triumph have been working on.

Triumph 6.1 is based on the latest in technological software design techniques and extensive research into the needs of you, our client, and other small and medium sized businesses.

This new version of Triumph boasts a range on new features, as well as two new exciting modules:

  • Paperless Pickings – Increase efficiency, accuracy, and control, and allow your warehouse to go paperless with handheld mobile scanners that guide the picker through your warehouse, showing them what to pick. A management dashboard provides full control over order priorities and who is picking what, as well as an overview of workload and performance.
  • Web Requisition – Allow internal and external contacts anywhere, any time to create purchase requests. Perfect for job-related purchases, Web Requisitions can also be used for stock and general expenses, as well as for disbursement lines. Once complete, requests can be submitted for approval by your head office.

Modern technology is revolutionising the way businesses operate around the world, with mobile technology becoming a significant trend of recent. The mobile and web technologies have seen the greatest development, with stock-take scanning, stock requisitions and mobile sales and ordering available to you.

The B2B E-Commerce module, Point of Sale module, and the brand-new Paperless Pickings module, have been designed to streamline your business operations and improve data accuracy.

The B2B E-Commerce module has seen the greatest improvement, bring you the best B2B experience possible. You will now have the flexibility to design your website to accommodate products with unique propositions and requirements. This includes the option of adding a bulk discount feature, promoting products with a range of sizes and colours, and offering delivery and pick up options.

Triumph 6.1 will also introduce for the first time, website themes through the B2B E-Commerce module. This will allow you the opportunity to create multiple websites from the one database.

Other new features of Triumph 6.1 include HTML and bulk emailing, signature capture feature and web services API in the System Control module, kitting in the Advanced Sales Order module, and lots more.

To request a free demonstration, contact us today.

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