The eCommerce module is one of the key areas that has seen significant changes due to Triumph 6.2. Firstly, as well as our web shop supporting Business to Business (B2B), we now also support a Business to Consumer (B2C) interface. This means that you have the option to sell direct to the public, with the purchaser not requiring a debtor account with you. This new feature will allow consumers to view products, put them in their cart, check out and pay for them with ease, with the option of registering for a COD account. Additional features of eCommerce include:

  • A visual indicator shows the quantity of an item that your customer has in the Cart. The indicator on the “View Cart” button itself shows the total quantity of all items in the cart.
  • Optionally show the customers normal list price as well as the discounted price.
  • Have the ability to nominate which credit cards you accept for payment.
  • Customers can now have the option to save their credit card details for next time, saving them time and effort.
  • A credit card service fee can be setup and charged on each different credit card. For example, American Express might be 2% and Mastercard and Visa 1%.
  • Each sales order that is emailed to the customer can have an optional enquiry link at the bottom of the sales order.
  • Automatically notify customers by email or SMS when goods are ready for collection.
  • With a seamless integration to Starshipit, you can receive live delivery rates, book courier pickups, and print delivery labels, manifests and any required customs documentation.

Style Enhancements

Another major change in the eCommerce module is that it can be used on a phone or tablet, just as easily as on a desktop computer. The eCommerce application automatically responds to the type of device the customer is using, for example if the customer was using their phone, it will work similar to other phone applications, however, on a desktop computer you will see a lot more information on the screen at once. In addition to making the application compatible for all devices, we have also given it a more modern look and feel.