Background Task Scheduler

Background task scheduling has now been built into Triumph. With this new feature, you can now get any report, listing, or take advantage of some new processing wizards to run overnight and have the results emailed and ready for you the next morning.

Background Task Scheduler is the new option where you specify all the things you want to run in the background. Options include:

  • Run tasks Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly or even Hourly
  • Run the task as a nominated user
  • Any saved report settings will be picked up and used based on the nominated User
  • Email or print the report output
  • Add as many additional email recipients as required

This feature requires the Triumph Background Controller program to be running in the Windows Task Scheduler – for Triumph Cloud clients this will already be in place.

NOTE: When a task is running in the background, it will consume a Triumph user login. This is why it is best to run these tasks after hours.