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What is ERP software?

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ERP is an industry acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning. But what does that actually mean? Broadly speaking, ERP software is a platform that enables the automation and integration of a company’s core business processes, such as core accounting, job management, inventory management, etc.

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Triumph ERP empowers the growth of WA business

WT Hydraulics

WT Hydraulics is a Kalgoorlie-based company specialising in the design, sales, service and repairs of hydraulic components and equipment. With three branches across WA, WT Hydraulics services the agriculture, forestry, mining, marine, and oil and gas sectors.

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Triumph ERP supports thriving WA business despite troubled economy


Western Australian owned and operated business, Kirby Marine, is traversing the challenging economic climate and is currently experiencing a boom, contrary to many other businesses in WA.

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Triumph Retail Management Suite

Connect your sales to the heart of your business
and make better decisions, faster

The Triumph Retail Management Suite gives everyone in your business rapid access to real-time sales and inventory information. The result is a healthier bottom line and the ability to respond more quickly with smarter decisions every time.

It includes the Triumph Point of Sale Module, which is easy to use for everyone from junior sales assistants to management accountants.


  • Fewer losses from shortages of fast turning stock, or too much slow turning stock
  • More sales by targeting prospects according to buying habits
  • Happier customers because your staff have more time to provide better service

Examples of the Retail Management Suite in Use

  • Real-time inventory management via integrated sales and accounting
  • Informed analysis every day about rates, margins, targets and stock churn
  • Automation of tasks such as inventory updates and product lists
  • Daily performance reports on stock items, suppliers, sales departments and personnel
  • Pre-set automatic re-ordering levels for inventory management

Retail Management Suite Features

The Triumph Retail Management Suite has all the features you need for up-to-the-minute inventory control and total management of quotations, orders and sales using any payment method.

  • Fast, efficient and ergonomically designed for maximum throughput
  • Supports touch screens, barcode readers, cash drawers, pole displays and slip printers
  • POS functions can be activated via either a screen button or keyboard accelerator key
  • PLU buttons can be configured with product images
  • Zoom functions take you directly to Stock Enquiry/Maintenance and Customer Account Enquiry/Maintenance
  • Fast functions for product returns, quantity sales and price variations make processing more efficient
  • Product returns can be flagged as damaged goods
  • A sale may be parked to allow other sales to be processed immediately
  • Full integration with the back-office accounting modules: Inventory, Special Pricing, Debtors, Sales Analysis, General Ledger and Bank Reconciliation
  • Postings occur as transactions are committed i.e. no End of Day process
  • Stock lines, non-stock lines with their own cost and description lines may be entered
  • Multiple subtotals may be printed
  • Supports lay-bys and gift vouchers
  • Lay-by payments show original sale and history of prior payments
  • Lay-bys and gift vouchers may be cancelled
  • Payment types include cash, cheque, EFTPOS, gift voucher, credit cards, lay-by, account and miscellaneous tender
  • Any number of payment types, and multiple payments of the same type, may be used on a sale
  • Discount can be entered as a percentage or a dollar value on each line or on the total of the sale
  • Optionally have two different dockets, one for cash sales and one for accounts
  • Docket layouts are totally customisable through Crystal Reports
  • Reprint last docket and reprint any docket functions are supported
  • POS transactions can be retained as long as required
  • Customer accounts maybe set up on the fly, including COD only accounts
  • COD accounts can use any account credits to pay for a sale
  • Customer account code may be entered at any time during the sale with all discounts and prices recalculated accordingly
  • Customers may pay off accounts at POS and receive a receipt
  • EFTPOS readers can be shared between multiple POS workstations
  • Cash drawer journals for miscellaneous purchases and a float balance allow for accurate reconciliations
  • Customer profiles and sales information may be collected at POS
  • Access to POS functions is controlled by User Group security. Disabled functions and buttons are not displayed
  • Restricted access (discount given, product returns, credit limit overrides etc) is controlled by User Group security
  • Supervisor overrides, based on security level, can be applied to a POS sale
  • Sale line data entry fields can be totally customised for maximum throughput. The minimum required field is product code
  • POS screen can be left locked in a secure mode
  • End of shift markers allow banking functions to occur independently of POS operations at any time
  • EFTPOS and cash can be processed separately or at the same time on a till by till basis
  • Z reads and a Till Reconciliation report give a complete transaction audit