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What is ERP software?

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ERP is an industry acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning. But what does that actually mean? Broadly speaking, ERP software is a platform that enables the automation and integration of a company’s core business processes, such as core accounting, job management, inventory management, etc.

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Triumph ERP empowers the growth of WA business

WT Hydraulics

WT Hydraulics is a Kalgoorlie-based company specialising in the design, sales, service and repairs of hydraulic components and equipment. With three branches across WA, WT Hydraulics services the agriculture, forestry, mining, marine, and oil and gas sectors.

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Triumph ERP supports thriving WA business despite troubled economy


Western Australian owned and operated business, Kirby Marine, is traversing the challenging economic climate and is currently experiencing a boom, contrary to many other businesses in WA.

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What size and type of business is Triumph suitable for?

Triumph customers range in size from single store operators to large publicly listed national and international organisations. From 1 to 100 users Triumph is designed to grow with your needs. The comprehensive nature of Triumph, with over 32 functional business modules, makes it appealing to a wide range of industries including retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, mining, hospitality, food services, fabrication, construction, service, professional practices, not-for-profits and government.

How is Triumph ERP different to an entry level accounting package?

Triumph ERP is specifically designed for businesses that have grown past their current software package and now rely on an employed workfirce rather than being owner operated and managed. Entry level accounting packages often see companies working off numerous spreadsheets to reconcile inventory, manual systems to control orders and processes, have a lack of control and real management information, and slow response times.

Triumph ERP is modular in design allowing you to fully integrate different business functions as your business grows. You simply start off with the Standard Base Pack, General Ledger, Debtors, Creditors, Inventory, Bank Reconciliation and EFT Payments then simply add one or more of the fully integrated 26 Triumph ERP modules that is relevant to your business needs. All modules totally integrate to allow you to manage every aspect of your business, but is still simple and intuitive to use.

Real time date-based postings to all ledgers will provide you with a complete and accurate picture of your financial transactions at all times. With minimal clicks you can easily access a complete client data base, find a quote, produce a sales order, pull stock and email an invoice and this is just the start. With Triumph, you have asset management, comprehensive sales-order, purchase-order and job costing processing cycles, with integrated inventory, providing complete consolidated management reporting of all the company processes. Triumph ERP is a cost effective entry level ERP software system to manage all your business processes either on Cloud or On Premise.

This list highlights some of the difference you'd expect to find with Triumph ERP fully integrated software system:

  • Inventory control – the ability to manage inventory levels in a business that has open customer orders and backorders, open purchase orders with suppliers, fluctuating levels of demand, and variable lead times by product / supplier.
  • Business Processes - the level of functionality supports complex business processes rather than just recording accounting entries. Back to back ordering is a case in point. Automatic purchasing can be generated from sales orders, point of sale, stock transfers and inventory reorder reports.
  • Multiple Stores and Warehouses - allow you to control stock movements, goods in transit, enquire on stock holdings and get consolidated reports at the push of a button.
  • Transaction Volumes - Triumph ERP has been designed for bigger multi-user environments where large databases and high volumes of transaction do not slow the system down a geat deal, regardless of how many people are logged on.
  • Data Security - in larger organisations it is important to have strong security restrictions and auditing controls. You don't want any employee changing transactions after they've been entered and printed.
  • Fully Integrated - all Triumph ERP's business modules fully integrate with each other when plugged in, including Point of Sale and multi branch/stores.
  • Multiple Divisions - running multiple divisions through a single database/company has some real advantages (being able to share information, allocation of expenses, automatic inter-division loans, consolidated reporting etc). Being able to restrict user access to a nominated division is also an important security aspect.
  • Job Costing - for those that require it true job costing is essential. Perpetual WIP, job budgeting, job quoting, ongoing jobs, internal jobs, flexible cost plus margin rules, purchase commitments, selective invoicing, income in advance, bill of material link, detailed reporting and grouping. These are just a few of Triumph ERP's Job Costing features.
  • Depth of Features - expect to see many more features in all business module. This includes Point of Sale, Sales Order Processing, General Ledger, Sales Analysis and Debtors. Debtors features include; Settlement Discounts, Retentions, Parent/Children Accounts, Sales Alerts, Delivery Addresses, Multiple Control Accounts, Financial Charges and more.

Click here to see full module features.

What are the main Triumph products?

Our product range includes powerful comprehensive solutions that fully integrate with each other. The core of each product is made up of discrete business modules that can be purchased individually or as a set:

  • Business Management Suite - control all business aspects related to customers, suppliers, inventory and general accounting; including single or multi branch operations.
  • Job Costing Manager - from multi million dollar projects to small service jobs, Triumph provides comprehensive costing information to make confident business decisions.
  • Retail Management Suite - single or multi store retail solution designed to use the latest technology for fast efficient processing. Lookup stock figures at any store and request stock transfers from a warehouse.
  • Fixed Assets Manager - track, depreciate, revalue, dispose, transfer, split, join, stock take and manage your valuable assets.

Does Triumph offer cloud based solutions?

Triumph software offers the simplicity of cloud-based accounting solutions as well as the traditional office-based product. Within an hour, a Triumph specialist can configure a new cloud-based system, ready for you to start using immediately from your desktop. And the reality is that there are many advantages to utilizing cloud computing, including significant cost savings. The hardware infrastructure employed to access cloud computing can be very basic - essentially a desktop machine with internet access is all that is required. Businesses do not have to be concerned about offsite backups or data loss from hardware failure, fire or theft.

Support is made much easier by the fact our help desk can gain access to your system files remotely, ensuring minimal downtime. Upgrades are built into the competitive “pay for what you use” fee structure, meaning that you will always have the latest incarnation of the software. Triumph offers a Cloud Conversion Service for existing Triumph clients.

With the Triumph ERP Software in the cloud, you can be assured on reliability with regards to backups, up times and service levels.

  • Triumph ERP Cloud Software is only offered on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Sydney Data Centre.
  • Each client gets their own dedicated cloud server.
  • A backup is done automatically each night at 3am AEST, even if users are still logged in.
    • This does not preclude users doing their own backups at any time.
  • Triumph ERP Software has been hosted at AWS Sydney Data Centre since they first opened for business 3 years ago and has never been offline with exception of planned maintenance.
  • Triumph ERP Software clients have never lost any data from AWS Sydney Data Centre


Can I get an evaluation copy of Triumph?

Yes. Just submit your contact details and we'll organise a full evaluation copy of Triumph for you. Depending on the required level of business functionality it may be advisable to have a free personal demonstration first. Please note that the evaluation copy of Triumph expires 45 days after installation.

Can I get someone to demonstrate Triumph to me?

Yes. Depending on your location one of our Triumph Accredited Partners will happily give you a free no obligation demonstration of the Triumph package. Find your nearest Triumph Accredited Partner, or leave your details and we will contact you.

Why do customers choose Triumph?

Triumph is an Australian enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution that will help their business grow. Triumph has a comprehensive suite of 32 modules that are totally integrated to allow them to manage every aspect of their business, but still simple and intuitive to use.

It offers real time date-based postings to all ledgers to provide a complete and accurate picture of their financial tranasctions at all times. With minimal clicks they can easily access a complete client data base, find a quote, produce a sales order, pull stock and email an invoice and this is just the start. With Triumph, they have asset management, comprehensive sales-order, purchase-order and job costing processing cycles, with integrated inventory, providing complete consolidated management reporting of all the company processes.

Triumph has been supporting small to large businesses with wide and diverse business requirements for over 26 years and fully understands the requirements of daily business and the problems faced. Triumph uses advanced technology whilst remaining extremely flexible and easy to use, implement, maintain and support.

Triumph is a cost effective entry level ERP software system to manage all your business processes either on Cloud or On Premise.

  • Value for money for performance - comprehensive functionality and performance at a realistic price
  • Supports and develops business growth - scalable multi store operations from 1 to 100 users
  • User orientated - easy to operate, with practical and sensible features
  • Listen and deliver to customers - enhancements based on customer requests and feedback
  • 32 completely integrated Triumph business modules - enabling consistent and broader business process functionality
  • Excellent local support - with authorised and trained partners throughout Australia

What is the cost of Triumph?

Triumph’s price is determined by the number of concurrent logins/users you need and the required combination of modules and sub-modules to drive your business. Contact us for an obligation free quote.

As a guide a Standard Base Pack of core Business Management Suite modules (General Ledger, Bank Reconciliation, Debtors, Creditors, Electronic Funds Payments and Inventory) is priced at $1900 ex GST for a single user. Additional users and modules can be added as required for $1200 ex GST each. Sub-modules for $600 ex GST. See the Pricing page for more details.

What sort of hardware/network do I need?

Triumph is a Microsoft Windows application designed to run under professional editions, or higher, of Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10.  Five users and above it is recommended the database component should be installed on a Windows Server such as Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2012. Triumph is also supported under Windows Terminal Services and Citrix. 64 bit Windows and server operating systems are fully supported. 

Triumph has a very light footprint so it will work fine on relatively modest hardware configurations. Anything that is rated as a business machine for the above operating systems, and number of users, would be fine. A minimum network speed of 100MB is required with 1000MB network speed recommended.

Can I run Triumph on a Mac?

Yes, but not directly. You need to have a Windows Server on the network, either physically or running as a virtual machine server, that you can run Terminal Services and Triumph on. You then run a Terminal Services client on the Mac to give you access to the Triumph application. With the Macs and Windows Server 2008 this can be as seamless as having a Triumph icon on your desktop.

Where can I purchase a copy of Triumph?

Triumph is purchased through our national network of business partners. Find your nearest Triumph Accredited Partner or leave your details and we will contact you.

What are the ongoing costs?

If you're on a Monthly Software Plan, then there's no additional fees and you are automatically covered for software maintenance.

If you purchased a license outright, then after the first 3 months there is a Software Maintenance fee. After this period maintenance is charged at 20% p.a. on the value of the software and may be paid monthly, quarterly or yearly.

NB: Software Maintenance covers: Major version changes, minor program updates, statutory changes, enhancements, program fixes, submission of enhancement requests, and regular newsletters keeping you informed on the product. Most importantly, it enables you to keep your system up to date.

Cloud Monthly Software Costs

Under the Triumph Cloud service, a Monthly Software Plan is offered with a minimum 12 month period. After this time you can;

  • renew for a further 12 months,
  • purchase the software outright (a credit against the purchase of 50% of what you have paid, on up to your last two year's Monthly Software Plan, will be given) or
  • cease using the software for trading purposes (enquiry and reporting still permitted).

The Monthly Software Plan requires a direct debit authority to be signed, with a $10.00 monthly administration fee.

How do I get support?

Support is provided by the Triumph Accredited Partner you purchased the package from. All our business partners have a thorough knowledge of Triumph as well as accounting qualifications and skills. They are best placed to help you because they understand your business, how the software was installed and setup, and the network/hardware environment it's running on. If they’re unable to resolve your issue themselves then they will enlist our help as the manufacturer.

How will Triumph grow with my business?

It is a testament to the flexibility, power and reliability of Triumph that our uses range from single store operators to large publicly listed national and international companies. As your business grows not only can you seamlessly add on additional modules, as and when required, you can also add additional users one at a time.

There are also a large number of powerful features within each module that you can enable when the business requires. For example some of the features you can turn on in Debtors include: Settlement Discounts, Retentions, Parent/Children Accounts, Sales Alerts, Delivery Addresses, Multiple Control Accounts, and Financial Charges etc.


Does Triumph handle multiple stores or branches?

Yes, depending on your requirements Triumph has two ways of handling this. The first is Multi-Location Stock, which allows the handling of stock to be split across any number of locations or stores. In this way sales and cost of goods sold are recorded against a store, purchases can be done at the store level or at the head office/warehouse and transferred out or between the stores. At any point you can instantly see the stock quantities at all the stores, even from Point of Sale.

Multi-Division is the other way of doing this. It is more encompassing than Multi-Location Stock, in that it applies to all modules, not just Inventory. For example each division/branch has its own chart of accounts. Automatic loan journals, to individual loan accounts, are made between divisions to keep them in balance. Access to different divisions is restricted and consolidated reports can be produced from head office. Likewise BAS reports can be produced individually or consolidated based on the divisions ABN. Sub-ledger accounts, like those in Debtors, Creditors and Job Costing, can be locked to a particular division or be available as a corporate account. This powerful module effectively allows you to run multiple autonomous business entities in the one database.

For remote stores/branches we recommend Microsoft Windows Terminal Services, or for larger organisations with more than 30 stores, Citrix.

Does Triumph have a web interface?

Yes. Although Triumph is predominantly a Windows based application, a number of the more “Mass Consumption” type functions have a web interface. These include our B2B eCommerce Module, Agents Consignment Stock, Web Requisitions Module and Web Timesheet Entry. These web interfaces are directly and securely linked to the back end financial system. This means that all the business rules on the back end are the same on the front end. More importantly it means that the web interface is always a direct reflection of the data on the back end.

  • B2B eCommerce - allows your customers, in a secure way, to enquire on stock, create orders and quotes online, check the status of outstanding orders, reprint invoices and statements, and enquire on their account in general.
  • Web Requisitions - allow engineers and technicians to requisition parts and equipment while working remotely on jobs. The web interface allows this to be done 24/7 and from anywhere. For security purposes these requisitions must be approved before the parts are shipped.
  • Agents Consignment Stock - Enables companies to easily manage stock they have consigned to agents. It allows you to know precisely what stock you have with what agents and what the value of this stock is. This is all done through a clean, easy to use, web interface that is directly connected to Triumph; empowering your agents to be more involved and directly connected to your company.
  • Web Timesheet Entry - allows any number of employees to record their weekly, job related, timesheets online. Not only is this a much more efficient way of capturing time, it is also more accurate. Ideal for companies in the consulting and services industry. N.B. Not yet released.

Can I change the report layouts?

Yes. Triumph uses Crystal Reports as the main reporting tool. Crystal is arguably the world’s most widely used desktop report writer. Before you can customise a report you will need the Crystal Designer. Alternatively reports can be customised by your Triumph Accredited Partner on your behalf.

New reports can also be created from scratch and simply added to Triumph’s menu security system.

Can Triumph be customised?

Yes. Basically everything that Triumph offers has come at some stage from the suggestions of our customers. If it is something that will enhance the package, and it’s not a unique one off feature, then we will consider your suggestions. Based on priority and demand each new version is packed with user driven enhancements. We are also happy to provide quotations for guaranteed changes, subject to suitability.

In addition to this many 3rd party programs have been written for and interface with Triumph. This is possible because the structure of our database is open, i.e. we publish a Database Schema, and the availability of an ODBC link. ODBC is a Microsoft acronym for Open Data Base Connectivity. It basically allows any Windows ODBC compliant program to connect directly to your data source, e.g. Excel, Access, Word etc.

Crystal Reports is the world's most popular database reporting too. It is compatible with Triumph. It allows you to produce superb lookign management reports with colours, logo's and graphs. Its integration with Triumph makes customising invoice layouts and standard reports a breeze.

The CONNX ODBC driver is what you need to get direct access to your financial information from another Windows based management application like Excel, MS Access and other .NET applications. Contact Triumph for further details.

How often is the software upgraded?

A major new version of Triumph is released approximately every 12 – 18 months. Customers with Software Maintenance cover or a Monthly Software Plan are entitled to a copy of the latest version for free.

Minor updates for small enhancements and bug fixes are available on a regular basis, as a cumulative update, from our web site.

How can my accountant look at my data?

Recognising the importance of being able to share your financial information with your accountant, we provide a free copy of Triumph to these accountants. It is then a simple matter of emailing or transferring a copy of your Triumph database to them.

Is Triumph Australian owned?

Yes, Triumph is 100% Australian owned and developed. Triumph was developed from the ground up by Triumph Business Systems Pty Ltd in the early 90’s. The same company has continuously owned and developed this world class product over this period.


How long has Triumph been around?

Triumph Business Systems Pty Ltd has been developing, marketing and distributing our world class flagship product, Triumph, since 1989.