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What is ERP software?

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ERP is an industry acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning. But what does that actually mean? Broadly speaking, ERP software is a platform that enables the automation and integration of a company’s core business processes, such as core accounting, job management, inventory management, etc.

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Triumph ERP empowers the growth of WA business

WT Hydraulics

WT Hydraulics is a Kalgoorlie-based company specialising in the design, sales, service and repairs of hydraulic components and equipment. With three branches across WA, WT Hydraulics services the agriculture, forestry, mining, marine, and oil and gas sectors.

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Triumph ERP supports thriving WA business despite troubled economy


Western Australian owned and operated business, Kirby Marine, is traversing the challenging economic climate and is currently experiencing a boom, contrary to many other businesses in WA.

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Industries Wholesale

Retail Industry Case Study

Triumph's modular design delivers results by growing
with your business and providing cost-effective functionality

Triumph supports these key business retail functions

  • Tracking inventory and stock holdings (Inventory Module)
  • Processing sales orders and customer back orders (Sales Order Entry Module)
  • Online ordering to time and money (B2B eCommerce Module)
  • Back-to-back ordering for prompt supply (Purchase Requisitions and Purchase Ordering Modules)
  • Price negotiations targeted promotions (Special ricing Modules)
  • Work out of a single warehouse or multiple warehouses (Multi-Location Stock Module)
  • Sales and profit analysis (Sales Analysis Module)
  • Collection of real-time orders in any location (Reach 4 Sales)

    Client Profile - Kosmic Sounds

    kosmic shop

    Kosmic, one of Australia's leading musicial equipment and instrument stores, uses its Triumph POS system to manage sales and stock transactions across more than 14,000 product items.

    Growing from just one POS station in 1992, to a 37 user system in 2013, Triumph's unique connection of the sales action with the accounting system has enabled the company to perform retail transactions, deliver up-to-the-minute stock and retail data, and make business decisions on a daily basis.

    One of the most challenging aspects of retail growth is the management of stock information. The full range of tasks, from accommodating different (and frequently changing) product names to admitting stock into available inventory, is handled easily and automatically by the Triumph database. Kosmic also rely on Triumph to handle sales and inventory management for Galactic Music, Kosmic's newly created wholesale and distribution arm.

    Real-time inventory information assists Kosmic in reducing sales losses from stock shortages of fast-turning stock and the negative impact of slow turning stock. This is vital for a business that conducts over 200 transactions daily in values that range from a few dollars to many tens of thousands. Kosmic's recently designed website reads real-time inventory from Triumph to advise online customers of stock levels and pricing.

    Triumph's powerful reporting system assists decision making by providing analysis of rates of sales, margins, targets and stock churns. Store management is able to look daily at the sales performances of any stock item, supplier, sales department or sales personnel. By presetting automatic re-ordering levels, inventory management is kept current and varying lead times can be easily accommodated. Sales staff are then free to spend their time and energy on customer service.

    Triumph POS system is easy to use by all personnel, from sales and stock personnel through to accounting staff. Kosmic's database is also configured to feed its marketing systems, providing data that assists in targeting prospects according to their past purchases and synergies of interest.