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Triumph ERP supports thriving WA business despite troubled economy


Western Australian owned and operated business, Kirby Marine, is traversing the challenging economic climate and is currently experiencing a boom, contrary to many other businesses in WA.

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Now is the Time to Finance Your ERP Software Investment!


Here are 8 reasons why finance is a great option for your investment in new ERP software!

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Triumph ERP Connecting Businesses Around the Globe

2e1ax timeless entry Steel

Triumph ERP has a reputation of being an advanced and versatile software solution for modern businesses. Triumph Client EastWest Steel Trading and Distribution is an excellent example of this.

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Industries Wholesale

Manufacturing Industry Case Study

Triumph's modular design delivers results by growing
with your business and providing cost-effective functionality

Triumph supports these key manufacturing business functions

  • Tracking inventory and stock holdings (Inventory Module)
  • Processing sales orders and customer back orders (Sales Order Entry Module)
  • Online ordering to save time and money (B2B eCommerce Module)
  • Back-to-back ordering for prompt supply (Purchase Requisitions and Purchase Ordering Module)
  • Price negotiations and targeted promotions (Special Pricing Module)
  • Sourcing from single warehouse or multiple warehouses (Multi-Location Stock Module)
  • Sales and profit analysis(Sales Analysis Module)
  • Collection of real-time orders in any location (Reach 4 Sales)

Client Profile - David Gray & Co Ltd


The exceptional expansion of a successful and established Australian Company.

David Grays Aglink is the most recent success story in the David Gray & Co story, which began with manufacturing stock feeds for West Australian farmers in 1939.

David Grays Aglink began in 2005 and has proven to be an outstanding business decision, experiencing an annual turnover in excess of $60 million just 9 years on.

David Grays needed a system that offered high performance accounting but was still simple enough for their operational staff to use. It also needed strong reporting ability to allow mangement and auditors to track what was happening across the company. 

Within the David Grays Aglink operation, they have more than 150 suppliers across the country and over 4,500 stock items to manage, as well as seven suppliers that they manage consignment stock for and also operate a third-party warehouse system.

"With the exceptional expansion we were experiencing with the opening of David Grays Aglink, we knew we needed a strong, robust system that would provide us with the platform for that growth, as well as provide us and our customers with real time information."

"When we turned to Triumph we knew that we had found the perfect cost effective solution for our business challenges. Not only did it have 27 integrated business modules, Triumph was also an Australian-designed product which enabled us to work collaboratively with them in the development of a Management Inventory Model, that was critical to the success of our now multi-faceted business. Triumph was able to streamline our stock, improve our inventory control and invoicing, and interface with our customers with actual real-time information. Triumph has been a success for David Gray & Co and David Grays Aglink."
- Simon Hazelden - Commercial Manager, Aglink Operations